Used Kia Spectra Parts Requested at

1996 Kia Spectra (transmission)
2000 Kia Spectra (Driver's side Headlight)
2000 Kia spectra (engine fuse block)
2000 Kia spectra (fuse and relay center with harness)
2000 Kia spectra (head lights pass and driver)
2000 Kia spectra (hood)
2000 Kia spectra (hood,fenders,drivers door,and to front seats)
2000 Kia Spectra (Passenger Side front window)
2001 Kia spectra (drivers side cv joint axle)
2001 Kia spectra (front bumper, hood, and radiator supporter)
2001 Kia Spectra (Front Bumper, Right Headlight, Hood, Right Front Fender)
2001 Kia spectra (hood, front finders, front bumper)
2001 Kia Spectra (Replacement Hatchback (trunk lid))
2001 Kia spectra (windshield)
2002 Kia spectra (2 tires)
2002 Kia spectra (3 14 inch stock rims)
2002 Kia Spectra (body)
2002 Kia spectra (both left doors on drivers side and possibly front and back fenders)
2002 Kia spectra (both sideview mirrors)
2002 Kia spectra (carpet-board for trunk, or carpet that goes in trunk tan color)
2002 Kia Spectra (Driver Side Finder)
2002 Kia spectra (driver side wheel panle front bummper radiator)
2002 Kia Spectra (Driver's side fender)
2002 Kia Spectra (Front Bumper Gaurd)
2002 Kia spectra (front bumper,hood,front right finder)
2002 Kia Spectra (front left fender, trunk lid, front left door,)
2002 Kia spectra (front passenger side seat belt TAN)
2002 Kia spectra (hood, grill, and front bumber)
2002 Kia Spectra (hub)
2002 Kia spectra (passanger front and back outer part of the doors.)
2002 Kia spectra (right tail light)
2003 Kia Spectra (Drivers side Front Door panel)
2003 Kia Spectra (Driverside Door)
2003 Kia Spectra (engine)
2003 Kia Spectra (Front Fender Drivers side)
2003 Kia Spectra (front hood)
2003 Kia Spectra (Leftside mirror)
2003 Kia spectra (passinger side mirror)
2003 Kia spectra (right headlight assembly)
2003 Kia Spectra (trunk lid)
2004 Kia Spectra (any)
2004 Kia Spectra (rear light passenger side lens cover)
2004 Kia spectra (rebulit transmission)

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